Moving data between Galaxy instances

Data can be copied directly from one Galaxy server to another. Users have several options. For individual datasets:

  1. Click on name of file to expand the info.
  2. Right click on Save icon > Copy Link. Note that for BAM files the Save (Download) icon provides access to both alignment (BAM) and index (BAI) files. For BAM files use left mouse click to access BAM and index files. Move the cursor over the BAM file and use the right click to copy the link.
  3. On another Galaxy server: go to upload menu > Paste / Fetch Data and paste the link. Select attributes, such as genome assembly, if required. Hit the Start button.

Archived histories can be copied between Galaxy servers, with some caveats. First, there is no obvious notification for users about completion of the archiving. Hint for Galaxy-qld users: email Igor Makunin to get a notification if you export a big history to a file. Second, it takes long time to archive big histories on Galaxy-qld. Generally the archiving tool adds ~2 GB on per hour for histories exported as a file. Third, the size of archive might be an issue, especially for users with big disk allocation.

The procedure for histories:

  1. Keep only datasets you want to save. Delete and purge all unneeded files. Alternatively, copy valuable datasets into a new history
  2. History menu > Export to File
  3. Copy the link to the file from the middle (working) window. It will be used later.
  4. Make the history Accessible by clicking on the corresponding link in the middle window.
  5. After completion of archiving go to another Galaxy server. History menu > Import from File. The new history will be created. It takes some time, especially for big histories.
  6. To access the imported history, in History menu > Saved Histories and select the new history imported from archive: name.

User data can be moved through an external storage with GenomeSpace if both Galaxy instances are connected to the same GenomeSpace server, and you have a sufficient storage allocation linked to GenomeSpace. In this situation users also get benefits of a data backup.


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