Data backup

Galaxy-qld does not have an external backup. The server is provided for data analysis, not for file storage. We recommend users save their results to an external storage as soon as convenient and delete unneeded datasets from the server.

Galaxy provides several options for data download. All datasets can be downloaded to a users computer by clicking on the Save icon. Send Data > GenomeSpace Exporter tool can be used to save the results to external storage. GenomeSpace can manage online storage such as Dropbox, so files can be sent directly to Dropbox.

Users can export an entire history to a file and download the archive. This option comes with several caveats. Archiving of big histories can take a long time. Some archiving jobs run for days. The resulting files can be very big, in range of 10s or 100s GB. Hint: delete and purge all unneeded files before archiving. The histories can be uploaded to Galaxy only via a link. Try this option on a small history, to check the usability of this approach.

Individual datasets can be downloaded to a server on the command line with wget or curl commands (for details check GVL_FAQ). Note that BAM files require a special approach: left mouse click on the Save icon provides an access to alignment and index files, where links can be copied with a right mouse click.

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