This is an informal blog for the Genomics Virtual Lab – Queensland, or GVL-Queensland. For official info see our webpage at the Research Computing Centre at UQ. Other information on GVL can be found at the Genomics Virtual Lab project website or in GVL-Qld brochure.

GVL-Queensland provides tools and resources for genomics research, and the blog is intended as a source of useful information for our users.

Some of our services:

Galaxy-qld – a public Galaxy server for analysis of nextGen sequencing data

GVL RStudio – email Igor at i.makunin@uq.edu.au to get an account

1000genomes – a full mirror of the 1000 Genomes project data

BEACON tutorial server

Periodically we run Galaxy workshops. The workshops are announced on this blog.

We are active members of Bioinformatics and BioLab Hacky Hour at UQ.

Funding for this project is provided by Research Computing Centre at UQ.